Valuation Of Movable Property

We need to evaluate movable property when the object of civil rights (property, property rights, etc.) is involved in economic circulation and economic operations are carried out on it. Machine installations are evaluating objects in different transactions when it is necessary to determine existing rights, change. Also, the purpose of the assessment may be to reevaluate fixed assets, insurance, mortgages, business liquidation and more. Installation appraisal service becomes relevant when a local legal entity introduces equipment imported by a foreign investor into the authorized capital.

What do we offer?

Our experience in assessing the equipment shows that the assessor’s qualification is decisive in this case. Therefore, our assessors have not only financial-economic and special values preparation, but also the necessary engineering knowledge in these fields such as machinery structures and equipment, manufacturing technology and their exploitation rules. The high level of training of our specialists guarantees the high accuracy and objectivity of the assessments conducted.

What kind of property do we value?
  • Appraisal of cars
  • Assessment of trucks
  • Evaluation of construction equipment
  • Evaluation of special equipment
  • Evaluation of medical equipment
  • Evaluation of devices
  • Evaluation of machinery
  • Assessment of office equipment
  • Office inventory appraisal
  • Scrap evaluation
  • Furniture evaluation
  • Appraisal of antiques
  • Evaluation of works of art
  • Appraisal of jewellers